Strength and Conditioning Training -TRY OUT SESSIONS!!!
Monday 16th May and/or Monday 23rd May 6pm-7pm @ Glyn School Epsom

With support from Downs Netball Club we are offering our young aspiring players the opportunity to try out a strength and conditioning session with Steve Cooper. For several years, Steve has been helping The Downs NC bring through their talented athletes to help them compete at the highest level and fulfil their potential.

These two sessions will be outdoors using an array of functional equipment (barbells, dumbells, medicine balls etc) as well as checking movement skills, range of motion, and (netball specific) fitness as it’s not typically considered safe/ideal to work with weights until such measures have been checked. This is the case for general populations but more so for growing youths.

Steve helps our young aspiring athletes learn how to safely use weights in the gym. He works with the players to safely and progressively build up their strength and fitness while working on their athletic capacity and skills. This is especially good if you have a gym membership (or school facilities) that they could potentially use. Often girls are left to their own devices which can be overwhelming and potentially dangerous. Steve’s youth program helps the players learn how to use the equipment safely in order to build with confidence.

Whilst this is not a course designed for “weight control”, it will absolutely help to build basic core strength, muscle, fitness, and training skills, whilst helping the body to naturally burn fat as a more preferential source of energy (and helping to negate the increasing trend of poor health choices and metabolic conditions in our youth).

Steve spends significant attention to posture and exercises geared towards injury prevention or “prehabilitation”. Often players who just train for performance only can develop bad habits which can result in chronic injuries and conditions, imbalances and ironically, MORE time out of action and often causing players to give up far too young.

Cost for the try-out session/s is £15 for one session and £25 for two sessions.
If you are wish to continue over the summer we recommend you move quickly to an 10 week program.
Limited places so please book you place below.

NB. Typically the group would have access to the gym above the Glyn College Sports Hall, but this is closed over this exam period due to storage during exam time. Ironically, for beginners and the need to analyse fitness and movement skills, being outside is actually preferable until readiness to train with weights has been determined. (In the event of bad weather Steve will communicate directly with you and either find another time or you will be reimbursed.)