Professional Experience & Fitness Online

Training and managing many advanced Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors for independent and large chain Health Clubs, including being a trainer/assessor for the David Lloyd Campus, has arguably taught me more than the “gold standard” PT courses I have attended. I believe that the courses give you a piece of paper and confirm that you hold the knowledge to train people safely and effectively, however it is the open communication and sharing of personal findings and experiences with other motivated and inspiring trainers that transforms the process of designing training sessions into an art form.

By extension, the advent of the internet, the sharing of vast amounts of information and fast download speeds has become somewhat of a double-edged sword. As much as the endless resources, blogs, and especially videos has swamped our media in any area where we choose to look for health and fitness tips, NOBODY is officially vetting the information to make sure that the opinions or actions are accurate, or at least moderate and rationale. I know this because youtube has become a good source for me to remotely demonstrate stretches or exercises that I would like someone to follow, unfortunately it is necessary to wade through swathes of “enthusiasts”, ignoring versions which are plain wrong and often settling for versions that are close enough and explain some modifications.

I am registered and insured with the Register of Exercise Professionals (No. R0020139) which, hopefully like the majority of youtube and internet posters, acknowledges that I have passed qualifications at a recognised level to give safe and effective advice. I am grateful for the material placed on the internet because even the “bad” stuff can allow new ideas or concepts to give rise to new exercises, games or methods. All I ask is that if you do choose to get your material, exercises, or inspiration directly from the internet, make sure you read the associated comments as much as possible. The one saving grace about people being so keen to put themselves “out there”, is that there are often just as many people willing to give their opinions on them.

Failing that, you could just get in contact with Sterling Health & Fitness and make sure that all your goals, exercises, or queries come with a broad and extensive background with more than 10 years proven experience. I don’t pretend to know everything but I’m confident enough to know what I don’t know!